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"I just finished my first year at Columbia University in New York City, where I plan to major in biology or a related field. My favorite classes this year were Frontiers of Science and University Writing. At Columbia, I'm a member of the Eco-Reps Green Living Committee (a campus conservation group), I'm an editor for the Journal of Global Health, and I write for the Culinarian, a culinary magazine. I'm also in a science research program called the I.I. Rabi Scholars program. Next week, I will travel to Townsville, Australia, where I will spend ten weeks doing research at the Australian Institute of Marine Science. I'm so excited to continue pursuing my passion for marine conservation."

Ailis Dooner


  • Joyce Kumber

    I loved and love paul walker. I want to know more about his foundation

  • Amber Avalona

    Congratulations Ailis, on all your dedicated work to make this world a better place. You’ve already made such a positive difference in a short amount of time, due to your passion for Mother Earth & our beautiful oceans. And it’s safe to say that your goodwill is what will help to save our future…whatever it may look like. Because anytime we share with the world, those positive vibes benefit us collectively for generations to come.

    I’m so thrilled to see young women like yourself “take up the torch” & deliver a newer brand of environmentalism. One where caring about the world is simply second nature…

    Keep up your excellent life purpose!

  • Ajay

    Sorry is there any typing mistakes Paul & Dad

  • Ajay

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  • Ajay

    I need to talk with Paul Walker Daughter i’m from India.. I need Her E-mail / whatsapp number

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