In Celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day

The Paul Walker Foundation serves as an enduring light of Paul's unique spirit, far reaching goals and SPONTANEOUS GOODWILL. Continuing his spontaneous goodwill has no boundaries. Empowering and inspiring others is something we can all practice daily and is at the heart of this organization. In celebration of #RandomActsofKindness day we'd like to suggest some simple things to #DoGood every day. #7 ideas for #7 days of the week....with #7 rounding things out with a #thankyou Thank someone in a uniform #veteran #firefighter #policeofficer #mailman #PaulWalkerFoundation #SpontaneousGoodwill TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. WE LOOK FORWARD TO READING AND SHARING MORE OF YOUR STORIES HERE... 


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  • Amber Avalona

    In the summer of 2000 I joined the production of The Fast & The Furious as an intern. The love between Paul & his daughter was already visible on set, and I am now proud to see Meadow instilling the same sense of human kindness through these projects with The Paul Walker Foundation. A true “Earth Angel,” you make your father proud every single day. And you are the greatest gift he could leave this world — a sensitive soul who cares about the condition of our planet as much as he did. And whose generosity matches that of your father’s…

    Whatever you attempt in life, you are never alone. For where there is love, there is unconditional support.

    Thank you for being a gift to us all!
    Paranormal Healing Project

  • Therese' Seilhan

    As a teacher, I try to instill in my students this attitude of kindness. This is the perfect examples of what I am talking about to them. As as Nation we have lost our faith in God and human kindness to others. I pray everyday for this Country and the turmoil that has taken over. I hope that I have contributed to my students in helping them become productive, kind and generous people.

  • güler

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