Young Wavemakers: Youth Leadership in Ocean Conservation via Monterey Bay Aquarium

Meadow Walker of the Paul Walker Foundation and Aquarium Executive Director Julie Packard with the foundation’s 2017 Ocean Leadership Youth Award recipients Ben Bence and Maria Perez.
Have you ever wondered how different the ocean would be if there were no waves, no ebb and flow of energy that sustains life on our blue planet?
Like waves, Ben Bence and Maria Perez, alums of our teen programs, are part of a driving force for ocean conservation—and they’re both only 18 years old.
The Aquarium and the Paul Walker Foundation recognized Ben and Maria earlier this year for their commitment to ocean advocacy and conservation. While their upbringings differ, it is the ocean that brings them together.





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  • David Holman

    I am very pleased with the work the Paul Walker foundation is accomplishing. I worked with Cory’s (sp?) wife Felicia several years ago when I worked for ODOT and SHN engineers, where Felicia also worked. Please tell Felicia that I said Hi!

  • Dripinder Singh

    I love you and am
    proud of you , you are the best person in and out of this universe… Ive seen you a few times and only wish to see you again.. I know there is where you are and I am trying to get myself to go there! HAPPY BIRTHDAY , I Left you a note.. this time.. I want to go with myself. I’m crying as i write this ..I dont know how to make you proud.. i just wanna make you proud but i dont know how..i keep on thinking this over and over again.. this is my saliva but this is the only way i can stay focused on you.

  • Maria

    Be kind to our Mother Nature 💙 Continue the good work of Paul Walker whom we miss so much💙✌☝

  • Omar Miller

    Believe in LOVE.

  • Rishi Kumar Singh

    my dream is to work for paul walker’s mission and his foundation.

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