Adding Color To Your Quarantine

Meadow sketched a few of her favorite ocean friends for you to download, print and color them up.

Please feel free to rename them, sign your name and tag us so we can share it.

Ollie the Otter

What do Otters and humans have in common? They both have couches. Fun fact an otters den is called a couch (or a holt).

Meet “Ollie the Otter” the first one in the series.


Tulip the Turtle

FUN FACT: Did you know, sea turtles return to the same place every two or three years to lay their eggs?

Meet “Tulip the Turtle” the second one in the series.


Willow the Whale

FUN FACT: Did you know whales can hold their breath for 20 minutes!

Meet “Willow the Whale” the third one in the series.